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BK8 Affiliate


BK8 Affiliate Program

As a leading and trusted platform in online casino industry, you will definitely be drawn to join BK8 affiliate program. BK8 do offers an affiliate partnership program where affiliates can earn up to 45% commission revenue share based on the net win/loss wagering activity of players that registered under their affiliate links.


The BK8 affiliate commission rate is based on the calculation of total member net winloss and total active player. You can have a look at the table below for BK8 latest affiliate commission plan.


Total Member Nett Winloss                (USD)Total Active Player               Commission Rate


         1 & above                                                    < 5                                               12%


         1 – 15,000                                                  >= 5                                              28%


        15,001 & above                                          >= 5                                              40%


        By Invitation                                                 –                                                  45%



BK8 Affiliate Program Commission Plan


To sign up become part of BK8 affiliate, you will need to click this link and apply for it. BK8 affiliate team will takes 24 hours – 7days to review your information and approve your application.


Besides, you can earn sub-affiliates commission by recruiting more affiliate agent which is named as second-line agents to join BK8 affiliate program and become your sub-affiliate. You can earn 10% extrar commission based on the referral commission.

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